Transfer order

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The company «Wind of wanderings» offers a transfer service. In an unfamiliar country, you will not have to worry about choosing a route to the hotel and calling a car through the local taxi service.

You may take care of your trip in advance to save time and effort.
A car transfer between cities or tourist destinations is possible, but most often it is a trip from or to a transport: an airport, railway or bus station, sea or river port.

How does it work?
- We specify the route in advance and choose a car by class, capacity and price
- At the right time, the driver will meet you at the place with a name plate
- You are driving a comfortable car with professional driver

Who can use this service?
- Families with small children – It is easy to order a car with a child seat, you do not need spend time waiting, you can make a stop along the way
- For those who are afraid of the language barrier-you only need specify the route, and the driver will meet you, guide you to the car and take you to your destination
- For those who travel with non-standard luggage – you may a big car – for example, if you need a ski transfer
- Groups of tourists from four people – it is most convenient and often even cheaper to travel by public transport

How does a transfer differ from other transport?
- You will go with a professional driver
Every driver has a license. If you book a service, you will not have to travel with a private driver
- No language barrier
For example, in Thailand, ask a local driver: “How much does it cost to get from the airport to the train station?”-this is already a task, and if you start haggling, you can overpay
- The price of the service is known in advance
Official services operate at their own rates, and private companies do determine the price by the appearance of the tourist. In Italy, the difference in price for a taxi is even more unpredictable
- Easy to order child seats, minivan or minibus
Ordering a regular taxi is not always possible to order a car with a pair of child seats or book a minibus for seven people. Here you will find a car of the appropriate class and capacity
- No need to search for internet on the spot
To call a car, for example, via the online taxi app, you must at least connect to Wi-Fi. For example, in Cyprus there are no international taxi services at all-you will have to download the local app and spend time trying to figure out how to book a car in it
- You need to book in advance
To order a transfer you need decide in advance where you will go: to specify the exact time of the meeting, the place of departure and destination when booking