Conservation of Mordovia

The cost of the program is 4500 rubles per person


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Tour program:

First day

- Arrival in Saransk. Meeting with a tour guide.

- Sightseeing tour of the city Saransk. A tour of the historical part of the city will introduce you to the main sights of the capital of the Republic of Mordovia:

◆ Millennium square of unity of the Mordovian people with the peoples of the Russian state: Fountain “Star of Mordovia”; Pushkin national library; Ogarev Moscow state University; Yaushev State musical theater.

◆ Cathedral square: visit to the Cathedral of the Holy righteous warrior F. Ushakov; Monument to Admiral F. F. Ushakov; Sculpture group “Family”, Monument to Patriarch Nikon.

◆ Victory square: Memorial Museum of military and labor feat; memorial sign “Escape from hell”; monument to soldiers-internationalists, monument to soldiers-natives of Mordovia who fell during the second world war, Alexander Nevsky chapel.

◆ Sovetskaya square: buildings Of the house of the Republic; Houses of Soviets; Administration of Saransk; monument to V. I. Lenin; monument to A. S. Pushkin; monument to the founders of the city.

◆ Pushkin Park of culture and recreation, Monument "Forever with Russia".

- Site visits to choose from:

◆ Excursion to the Mordovian Museum of fine arts named after S. D. Erzi. You will get acquainted with the personality and creativity of “Mordovian Vrubel”- Stepan Dmitrievich Erzi, a unique sculptor whose life and work are “inspired” by the name of his people. This is a truly great son of the Mordovian people, who started at the age of 14 from a simple illiterate “Bogomaz” in a working artel, and conquered the whole world from France to Argentina. Thousands of fans of Erzi's great talent from all countries and continents specially come to Saransk to admire the world's largest collection of unique works of this great “sculptor of the world”.

◆ Excursion to the Museum of Mordovian folk culture-one of the most striking museums in Saransk, where you can get acquainted with the life, traditions and rituals of the Mordovian peoples. The pearl of the exhibition is a collection of folk Mordovian women's costumes. Since ancient times, Mordovian women were famous for their beauty and skilful skills of weaving, embroidery and sewing, and in the XIX century at the world exhibition in Paris, the costume of the Erzya woman was even awarded a Gold medal.

◆ Visit to the local history Museum. There are several permanent exhibitions on the following topics: Ethnography, numismatics, weapons, books, decorative and applied art, sculpture, painting, furniture, sound reproducers, and items of Church use. The main place in the Museum`s collection is occupied by an exhibition of objects of ethnographic art, showing the variety of cultural and everyday life of local peoples. The exhibition presents a collection of national Mordovian clothing, which includes both everyday and festive and ritual costumes made by Mordovian women. Clothing that tells about the culture of Russians and Tatars, as well as their everyday items, household utensils and religious worship, is of great interest to visitors.

◆ Excursion to the stadium “Mordovia arena”, where the world Cup was held in the summer of 2018 During the tour, you will see the stadium bowl, conference rooms, VIP stands, VeryVIP box, where the match was watched by the Princess of Japan. Touch the history where the Russian national team won 9: 0 against the San Marino team. Take the opportunity to take a photo in the sports locker room, where the team of the captain and record holder of the Portuguese national team – Cristiano Ronaldo-was located during the Championship.

- Lunch in a cafe in the city.

- Visit to the center of national culture of the Moksha people (Staraya Terizmorga village). This unique ethnographic center was founded by personal decree of Vladimir Putin, and in 2007 it hosted the international festival of Finno-Ugric culture. A fascinating introduction to the life, traditions and customs of Mordovia-Moksha begins with a heartfelt and bright meeting of the folklore group in luxurious national costumes. Ah, how beautiful are the songs in the melodic Mordovian language! No wonder they say “one Mordvin is a song, and two Mordvin is a chorus!”. Bright costumes, folk Moksha tunes, jokes, sayings and sayings, dancing and playful games – a spectacular original holiday! In the open-air Museum “Peasant manor” you will get acquainted with traditional crafts, occupations and life of Mordvins-Moksha. You will visit a well-to-do Mordovian hut, see unique household items of the Moksha people and admire the original multi-layered costume of Mordovia, decorated with rich embroidery, coins, beads and shells.

- Arrival in Saransk. Check in to the hotel.

- Dinner (for an additional fee).

Second day

- Breakfast at the hotel. Check out of the hotel with your belongings.

- Departure to Temnikov-the oldest city of the Republic of Mordovia.

- Visit to the Sanaksar Nativity-the mother of God monastery, which was founded in 1659 in the reign of Alexey Mikhailovich, three versts from the County town of Temnikov, on the left Bank of the Moksha river. The main shrines of the monastery are the relics of the saints. Theodore, the righteous warrior Theodore (Ushakov), Rev. Alexander the Confessor. Icons of the mother of God are also venerated among the shrines..

- Lunch in a cafe in the city.

- Visit to the local History Museum named after F. F. Ushakov. The exposition of this Museum tells about the origin of the oldest city in the Republic, about the role of Temnikov and the former temnikovsky district of Tambov province in the history of the Russian state. The decoration of the collection is a nique ancient Russian sword made at the turn of the X-XI centuries, which has been preserved in the erritory of Eastern Europe in a single copy. Russian Joan of Arc was named by oreigners as an associate f S. Razin Alena Temnikovskaya (Arzamas), who fought alongside men in the Civil war of 1670-1671. ocuments, books, paintings tell about the reation of the black sea fleet by Admiral F. F. Ushakov, ighting under the leadership of the great naval commander.

- - Visit to the Mordovian nature reserve named after P. G. Smidovich. You will go on a fascinating journey to a protected area of Mordovian nature, to the country of mossy forests, tall pines, blue lakes, to the Kingdom of animals and birds, to the forests that are imbued with the spirit of primeval nature. You will learn about our animals, get to know our birds and discover their life. This is the story of conservation in Mordovia Republic. This is one of the few areas in Russia where powerful ancient pines and firs, huge oaks and tall Linden trees are still preserved. These are the southernmost spurs of the European taiga, and they are part of the Murom forests that stretch along the Moksha and its tributaries.

- Dinner in the original samovar.

- Arrival in Saransk.

Included in the price:
◆ Hotel stay 1 night;
◆ Meals: 1 Breakfast, 2 lunch;
◆ Services of a guide;
◆ Entrance tickets to museums;
◆ Transport services (according to the program).

Additional payment (optional): Breakfast on the first day, dinner and lunch box on the way.