Tours in Russia

With «Wind of wanderings» you will find exactly your Russia

Russia is one of the attractive countries for tourism. Hundreds of thousands of foreigners visit our country every year. However, Russian people do not always have the opportunity to use entire tourism potential of their homeland. Russia is so large, vibrant and diverse that its inhabitants simply do not enough time to develop all the sights.

The «Wind of wanderings» will be able to send you on a tour of the Golden Ring or give you the opportunity to appreciate the quite islands of Karelia, you will see the fountains and places of St. Petersburg and admire the museums and exhibitions of Moscow. Moreover, you may go to Altai, Baikal or Kamchatka to stay away from civilization, alone with your thoughts and nature.

Choose your best from a variety of offers, contact the office for advice or purchase. Surprise, fall in love, discover your native country. Rich culture and history, nature reserves and attractions, an affectionate climate and relaxation at sea, only you can choose